The Best 5 Hacks to Cut Down Your Car Expenses

Having a car to drive around and to get you from one place to the next is essential in this day and age. It is not only a valuable tool for travelling for the everyday person; it is an important asset to any business owner, courier operator or ride share driver. Owning any vehicle or car comes with a chunk of personal expenses and if not budgeted correctly can leave you with a debt full of mess. It is fair to say that car expenses are one of the most expensive in every household but there are many ways we can save on these expenses.  Here are 5 genius hacks that will allow you to start reducing your car expenses and put money where it is need most.

Changing Car Insurance Providers

Car insurance is a necessity but that doesn’t mean you have to cave into the constant pressure of premium increases year after year. It simply doesn’t make sense when costs of car insurance keep increasing whist the value of your car depreciates annually. Most of us do not take advantage of looking for a better deal when our annual car insurance renewal is sent to us in the mail; we just accept the fact that it is another bill that has to be paid. Why not take the opportunity and get a better car insurance deal? There is now fierce competition online and even your local bank are fighting for your business In this billion dollar industry.

Save Money on Car Service

Have you serviced your car lately and been charged hundreds of dollars for the simplest maintenance procedures? Most people are simply paying too much because they do not understand the mechanics and technical jargon when it comes to car maintenance. The most common service is changing the car’s oil and oil filter and proves to be the single most important factor in extending the life of the engine. Changing the air filter, check tyre pressures and top up fluids and coolants can all be a simple process that can significantly reduce your car service costs and keep your car in tip top condition.

Reduce the Amount of Gas Expenses

The cost of gas is always fluctuating in cycles, so keep an eye on the market and know when it is at its peak and when it has hit the bottom. The price of gas can jump a massive 30 – 40% so ensure you fill up before it peaks instead of waiting until you need gas. Also understand that there are places where you can be charged for a full service where the attendant pumps the gas for you, this is usually 10% more expensive so try to pump your own gas.

Condition Your Driving Habits

It may come as a surprise, however your driving habit may be doing more harm than good. Having a heavy foot and taking off at the traffic lights can increase fuel consumption. Heavy braking , driving too fast and too slow can take 30% more gas so be more conscious about your driving. Try gentle acceleration, look for traffic ahead to anticipate slowing down or stopping, drive at constant speeds on the highway and avoid changing your pace repetitively.

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Your car depreciates as soon as you drive out of the car dealer’s yard, so in order to maintain its value, ensure it is well looked after. It is a good idea to wash your car frequently and polish twice a year to keep the paint looking shiny and new. Keep maintenance records to prove the car’s service history so when it comes time to sell, you can ensure a higher asking price or car trade in value.